Zego 300

The Perfect One Person Hunting and Fishing Boat

Zego 300

The Zego 300 is a twin-hulled platform made of roto-moulded HDPE plastic. The hulls are foam-filled, which means that the craft is virtually unsinkable. 

This unique one-person fishing boat is completely at home on inland rivers, waterways, lakes, harbors or at sea.  With easy access, the front bow platform allows you to stand up and fish with enjoyment and confidence as it is much more stable than similar-sized mono-hulls.

The serious fisherman has the option to upgrade the Zego Sports Boat to the ultimate fishing experience. Upgrade options include a color depth sounder, VHF radio, gaff/paddle, compass, and bimini top.

Hunting – the Zego 300 is an ideal platform for hunting. The incredible buoyancy and stability of the twin hulls provides a very stable platform to shoot from and your dog(s) can easily get on and off the Zego. The boat is also ideal for accessing remote areas that have very shallow waterways.

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Amazingly versatile

The Zego 300 has proven to be one of the most versatile small boats on the market today.  The Zego 300 has been exported all over the world where it is used in a variety of roles. 

Tourism – U-Power Sea Adventures in Vanuatu has been using the Zego 300 for many years to provide local tours for people from visiting cruise ships as well as holidaymakers from local resorts.

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