Frequently Asked Questions

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The Zego 300 comfortably carries two persons and the Zego 300T can carry up to 2 adults plus 2 children.

Both the Zego 300 and the Zego 300T weigh 180kgs (dry). 

If your car can tow a trailer, then you can easily tow a Zego!

Yes, the Zego is very easy to maintain as nothing stick to plastic. Simply hose down all the aluminum and flush the outboard with fresh water.

Once you have purchased your new Zego, you will be provided with simple instructions on how to register your new Zego online.

We have relationships with a number of agents around the world that sell new Zego’s. We can also ship a new boat to most countries.  Cost of freight will vary depending upon both destination and quantity. Please use the contact form and we can help you.

Adding your personal accessories to your Zego is easy using a small drill as a pilot hole, self tapping coarse thread screws and sealant if necessary.

For the Zego 300, the recommended engine size is a 30hp 2-stroke and for the Zego 300, a 20hp 4-stroke.

Yes, we are a registered agent for Tohatsu engines in New Zealand. Because of this we can offer great deals on a complete boat, trailer and engine package.

Yes, it is possible to arrange a demonstration ride, depending upon where you live in NZ. Please use the contact form on this website, giving us your location and contact details.

Both the plastic hulls and the aluminium structures can be colour customised. Please contact us and we can show you what is possible.

Our Terms and Conditions for Sale are published here on our website. Click here to read.

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