New Dealer Information

Thank you for your interest in Zego Sports Boats for your dealership. 

We are proudly continuing the same quality and high standards of manufacturing that started in Waipu, New Zealand nearly 30 years ago. 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cobourg Ontario, Canada is our home for manufacturing and distribution for the Zego line up. 

As a dealer of Zego products, we want to help you dominate in your territory, selling more units every year. We will grow with your demands, give you exclusive territories, support you at boat shows and set standardized pricing to keep a level playing field. 

With Zego you won’t be required to start with large quantities, we are happy to supply small orders to prove our market in your territory. We will help you sell more units and deliver products to meet your customer needs. 

Your success is our success. 

Our goal is to build a family, a family of dealers and a family of consumers. We want to make owning a Zego feel like a “Lifestyle” not just owning a water toy. 

We do this by creating events focused on “Fun”, “Excitement”, “Togetherness”. These events will be marketed on our website and social media sites. 

“Zego days” will bring Zego owners together to enjoy activities and build relationships. Opportunities for owners and dealers to discuss the product, learn about new concepts, get feedback on the products so we can grow and develop the brand. These events will include demo rides to attract new owners and help drive sales. 

Our website will promote your dealership, linking you to buyers interested in purchasing in your territory.  

The opportunity to become part of the Zego family is here. Please use the contact form, provide your details and we will contact you.

Zego 400